Litigation and Arbitration in the Golden Age of Mediation

Dec 4, 2021 | Activities, Talks, Thought Leadership

In Conversation with the Honourable Justice Tan Siong Thye & Ms. Gloria Lim CEO of SIAC

Jointly organised by the Society of Mediation Professionals & Maxwell Chambers, this informal “fireside” discussion centered around the theme: “Litigation and Arbitration in the Golden Age of Mediation” [*The term “golden age of mediation” was coined by the Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon during a speech delivered by CJ Menon in Vietnam on 17 September 2019].

Some of the discussion highlights were:
(i) The evolution of mediation, arbitration and litigation as dispute resolution (“DR”) processes.
(ii) Comparing and contrasting the DR processes.
(iii) Ways in which the DR processes interact and combine (including hybrid processes).
(iv) The Singapore Convention on Mediation and its impact (if any) on litigation and arbitration.
(v) In the age of Zoom and ODR, will the golden age of mediation herald further changes in the practice of litigation and arbitration?
(vi) Changes in the DR landscape brought about by the Singapore Convention and the new Rules of Court (which is expected to be operationalised by the end of 2021).

SMP would like to thank our venue sponsor, Maxwell Chambers.