Michael Lam


Michael Lam

Mediation Experience

Michael has an interest in both types of dispute resolutions. Given his previous experience in litigation, he saw the huge benefits of mediation. This propelled him to help others in a similar position he was in, hence his passionate advocacy for mediation as a form of dispute resolution.

In his words, “From my experience, mediation is the most amicable dispute resolution so far offered.”

Career Background

From 1990 onwards, Michael became aware of the trade disputes whilst representing the company that he worked for. He resolved the issues amicably by negotiation with the other party without going for litigation.

In the interior design arena, he faced more disputes, between his firm and client, and between his firm and subcontractor. Most of subcontractor’s issues were resolved amicably by negotiation.

However, some clients’ issues were resolved by mediation and one of the clients had to go through litigation. 

It was through this personal experience, that Michael came to know the use and the benefits of arbitration and mediation. 


Master of Business Administration, University of Dubuque (USA)

Specialist Diploma in Building Cost Management, BCCA (Singapore)