Michelle Wong


Michelle Wong

SMC Accredited Mediator; SIMI Certified Mediator; Freelance Editor

Singapore Mediation Centre
Singapore International Mediation Centre
Singapore Academy of Law

Mediation Experience

Since 2013, Michelle has been mediating civil including family matters at the SMC. Further, she mediates at the State Courts Centre for Dispute Resolution, the Community Mediation Centre and the Consumers Association of Singapore.

Michelle’s settlement rate has been above 70%, and the feedback from parties as well as fellow mediators of her work has been positive.

Michelle seeks to create greater awareness and acceptance of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Singapore. To this end, Michelle has worked with the editors at STORM, a publication for c-suite executives, to produce an infographic to lay out options available to parties when faced with a dispute. The infographic was published in Volume 27 of STORM. 

Michelle believes in the power of an apology made at the appropriate time and circumstance. To this end, Michelle researched and wrote an essay proposing an apology law in Singapore. The essay was published in Singapore International Mediation Institute’s second volume of Contemporary Issues in Mediation.

Career Background

Prior to studying law, Michelle had a total of 20 years of work experience in the public and private sectors. In the private sector, she worked in 3 MNCs — 3M, Shell and Hewlett-Packard in operational and marketing roles. In the public sector, she served as an Education Officer teaching History at Ang-Chinese School and English at Chung Cheng High.

After graduating from law school, Michelle worked at the Singapore Academy of Law during which she was instrumental in the development of the Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements which was launched in Oct ’18.

Michelle received her training in mediation at the Singapore Mediation Centre (“SMC”) in 2013 and at Harvard University in 2015. In 2018, Michelle attended and passed the Collaborative Family Law course conducted by the International Association of Collaborative Practitioners and SMC. In 2019, she completed the Online Dispute Resolution course conducted by SMC.