Lai Mun Loon


Lai Mun Loon

Counsellor; Mediator; Student

Amicus Consulting

Mediation Experience

Mediates highly conflictual family/relational disputes not limited to divorce but also intergenerational disputers, eldercare disputes and estate disputes within families.

Career Background

Mun Loon was the Head of Professional Services, and concurrent Manager of Mediation Services in EMCC. A social worker by training, he lends a social work perspective to the family mediation. He handles highly conflicted, emotionally-charged family and relational disputes in centre. An extremely perceptive and inquisitive person, he is often called upon by fellow colleagues to lend an opinion on cases where clients are in a gridlock; he shares insights from his cross training in social work, couples’ therapy, conflict management and mediation.

Mun Loon is known to be a talented orator who is objective and clear, and is a sought-after speaker, trainer and mentor in the area of conflict management, relationships and marriages. Mun Loon holds a bachelor’s in social work from Monash University (Australia). He is also trained, assessed and accredited in Mediation and Psychotherapy by the Regent’s College School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology (UK). Mun Loon has also been trained to Level 2 in the Gottman Method Couples’ Therapy, and is an accredited Gottman Educator for ‘The Seven Principles in Making Marriage Work’ and ‘Bringing Baby Home’ programmes by The Gottman Institute (USA).

He is also accredited to administer the customized couple assessment Prepare/Enrich and a certified Behavioural Consultant administering the DiSC suite of profiling instruments. He is currently a Doctor of Jurisprudence candidate in Singapore’s third Law School.


Bachelor of Social Work, Monash University

Accredited Mediator, Regent’s University London

Gottman (Couples’) Educator, Level II (USA)