Terms and Conditions

Coaching Scheme

Terms and Conditions of the Society of Mediation Professionals (“SMP”) Coaching Scheme 2022 (“the Scheme”) (01 March 2022)


  1. The Coaching Scheme (of 1.5 hours per person) is made available to members of SMP only (including those whose membership applications are pending approval).


  1. The Scheme is intended to provide members with an opportunity to practice the role of a mediator and receive feedback for the purpose of their assessments conducted by the Singapore Mediation Centre (“SMC”). Members who wish to assist with coaching must be empanelled trainers or coaches with SMC.


  1. Members requesting coaching (“the Requesting Member”) shall ensure that their assessment date is at least 3 weeks from the date of their application under the Scheme so that there is sufficient time for the Requesting Member to facilitate arrangements with a coach and role players.


  1. All Requesting Members requesting coaching must commit to role playing 2 sessions of at least 1.5 hrs each session.


  1. Once SMP has received the Requesting Member’s application and informed the Requesting Member in writing, the onus is on the Requesting Member to contact the coach and role players and arrange the coaching session directly.


  1. If a Requesting Member needs to change the time or date of a scheduled session, he/she shall be responsible to inform the coach and other role players as soon as possible. Coaches and role players are volunteers and SMP requests and requires that the Requesting Members be respectful of all parties’ time and contribution.


  1. Similarly, once a coaching session is arranged, coaches shall inform the Requesting Member if the coach needs to reschedule the session.


  1. If the coach is unable to re-schedule the session before the assessment date, the coach or Requesting Member should contact SMP as soon as possible. In that event, SMP shall use its best endeavours to find a replacement coach. If a Requesting Member makes changes to an arranged session with less than 2 weeks before assessment, SMP is shall not be obliged to arrange for coaching before the assessment date.


  1. All requests for coaching must be made online in the prescribed form. All eligible SMP members are welcome to participate in the Scheme as coaches or role players. Feedback on this Scheme shall be encouraged from all members through a prescribed form.